Erasing nature

Erasing nature


Erasing nature is a new development in my practice that encourages group collaboration in making artworks and generating content for these.

I make a large drawing of an animal species over a few days, and then when the piece is finished and I believe it to be convincing and representative of the animal, the erasing process then begins. This can be done by myself under the group’s instruction online, or this can be done with a group of people in a physical space.

Using the input and ideas from the group, the animal’s image is removed through writing, drawing and scribbling etc, by the group until the original drawing has become faded away enough to suggest its ecological status.

So, the closer the drawing is to vanishing- the closer the animal is to extinction in reality! It is a literal reminder that one day we may not be able to see these animals anymore.

These collaborative drawings act as a sounding board for the groups’ input and what people choose to add to the artwork is entirely up to them- it can be absolutely anything!

The underlying message here is that whilst people are so preoccupied with our own concerns and how various factors are affecting our own lives- these animals are disappearing because of the impact of humanity.

Hit List LCB Depot exhibition view.


The Great White Shark, 2019. Group collaborative piece made at LCB depot, Leicester 29/11/2019.

Hit List LCB Depot exhibition view.




The Giant Flying Fox, 2020. Charcoal and acrylic on canvas.  180 x 160 cm. Online collaborative piece.



The Ground Pangolin, 2020. Charcoal and acrylic on plywood. 62 x 77 cm. Online collaborative piece.



The Chimpanzee, 2020. Charcoal and acrylic on canvas. 148 x 128 cm. Online collaborative piece.