Breach 2, 2020. Charcoal and chalk on primed canvas. 86 x 72 cm. Framed in lime waxed tulip.

Price: £2,400

With these artworks I begin creating an initial image of an animal and try to capture a true to life realism of the particular species rendered in charcoal. When I am happy with the initial drawing I then begin layering fine line drawings in chalk over the top that show how the animal is understood by humanity and also how humanity effects the animal. The  layering of imagery across the surface functions like a screen that we are seeing the animal through, revealing how it is loved, feared, worshiped and also demonized by mankind. This imagery shows the ecological challenges that these species face and that require our attention in order to avoid their extinction.

The Breach series is based on photographs of Great White Sharks breaching whilst hunting and displaying their incredible physicality. They are a terrifying site yet also bare a sense of vulnerability out of the water and suspended in time like this. I have repeated the Jaws movie poster image across all pieces and there are other drawn elements around the sharks that relate to scare mongering ideas from the many other ‘shark movies’ made in recent years and the reality of what is pushing these incredible predators towards extinction.

Breach 2, 2020. Charcoal and chalk on primed canvas. Framed in lime waxed tulip. 86 x 72 x 6 cm.