Unsung animals of the world

  Unsung animals of the world This series of drawings are a body of work that I have wanted to focus on for some time. It is a collection of artworks that are highlighting, and also introducing, certain species of animal that most people would not know that they even existed! They are the unfamiliar […]


ANTHRO ZOOLOGY. New drawings by Tom Van Herrewege Exhibited at Leicester Contemporary. LE1 6DP. August 18th – September 11th 2021. Anthrozoology noun the interdisciplinary study of the interaction between humans and other animals.   Tom Van Herrewege’s work is inspired by a curiosity and awe of the evolutionary diversity of the animal kingdom, and how […]

The elephant in the room (left), 2020. Charcoal and acrylic on canvas. 240 x 300 cm.

The Elephant in the room

The elephant in the room is a triptych of large-scale artworks made at StudionAme, Leicester in 2020. These big canvasses depict three individual Indian elephants rendered in charcoal and each elephant is drawn with a very different posture as if performing and interacting with a suggestive narrative. Each charcoal drawing has been partially erased with […]

Hit List: Exhibition at StudionAme, Leicester. LE1 2BA. March 24rd-April 6th. Opening night 23rd March 6-9.

Hit List

In 2017, I began working on a large series of works that is titled Hit List. I had been sourcing different sets of old cigarette cards, bank notes and old encyclopedia pages, with some being over one hundred years old, and then I was then editing these by burning away the animals image according to […]

Superstitious beasts exhibition view.

Superstitious beasts

Superstitious beasts is a body of work put together as part of my research into human- animal relationships, their associations and understandings across the world throughout history. It is the way in which different people culturally have understood particular species from the animal kingdom in certain ways that I question and explore within my work. […]

A murder of magpies. 2014. Bleached manipulated digital photograph. 297x210mm.

Pica pica

In September 2014, I started a three-month artist in residency at Brooke House, an independent sixth form college in my hometown of Market Harborough. I had recently moved out of London after several years and was temporarily living in the Leicestershire countryside after a family misfortune and pending a move to South Africa. The idea […]

Death chart: Zebu, 2014. Ink and colouring pencil on paper. 29x21 cm's.

Creature Fady

Creature [kree-cher] noun 1. an animal, especially a non human. fady [fad] noun 1. taboo, forbidden. In May 2014 I travelled to Madagascar on a three week research trip to investigate Malagasy folklore and more specifically the involvement of animals within their cultural traditions. As an artist, the core of my practice is devoted to […]

Diorama series: Cheetah, 2013. Digital colour photograph.

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost – a solo exhibition by Tom Van Herrewege at the KZNSA Gallery, Durban, South Africa. 21st May – 9th June 2013. The title ‘Paradise Lost’ is ‘borrowed’ from the epic poem by English poet John Milton. The poem concerns the story of the fall of man, and of (our) expulsion from Paradise. This new body […]

Sudden believer, 2010. Graphite on cartridge paper. 42x59cm's.

Window space: Tom Van Herrewege

Window space: Tom Van Herrewege Tom Van Herrewege’s drawings and sculptures will be occupying the window space at Erlang house from December 5th 2011 until January 5th 2012. Within this body of work he is looking at how design is often influenced and informed by aspects of form from the animal kingdom. Although the images […]

Curio (crab), 2011. Graphite on cartridge paper. 59x42cm's.


Transfauna: Tom Van Herrewege. Tanks Art Centre, Cairns, Australia: March, 2011. I am a London based artist and I have been artist in residence at Tanks art centre for two months starting back on the 11th of January. I came to Australia to pursue my research and practice in areas surrounding tropical fauna. My work […]

Whittled rays (detail), 2009. Ink on latex stretched over wood.

Whittled rays

Tom Van Herrewege. August 22nd-September 11th 2009 Tom Van Herrewege’s new series of works are an exploration into the process of creating Jenny Haniver’s. A Jenny Haniver is a dried out Skate or Ray that has been folded, cut, strung together and left to dry. It then shrivels into the form of a peculiar demon-like […]