The Binturong, 2019. Graphite and ink on white washed plywood that is then sanded. 45 x 60 x 4 cm. Framed in white varnished obeche

Price: £900

Since Spring 2017, I have been working on a large series of works that is titled, Hit List. I have been sourcing different sets of old cigarette cards, bank notes and encyclopaedia pages that depict animals on them and then I have been editing these by burning away the animals’ image according to the individual species’ conservation status on the IUCN red list of threatened species. So, the closer the individual animal species depicted is to extinction, the more of its image is burned

This idea works in the same way with the drawings on plywood. I carefully create the drawings of the animals as accurately as I can and then I immediately erase the drawing with sanding tools. These void spaces within the drawings are a metaphor for human impact on the natural world and a reminder that one day we will not be able to see these animals anymore.